Disclosure Regarding  Collection  and Use of Personal Information.


Thank  you for  visiting (referred  to as the  “Platform”,   the  “ONEder Platform”,   the “Website” or the “Site”) brought to you by SpecialNeedsWare, Inc dba Oneder (the “Company”). This notice  explains  the Company’s  online information collection  and use practices  and the  choices  you can make  about the  way we use and  share  such information. It is important that  you take the  time  to read and understand this  policy  so that  you can  appreciate  how we use your  personally  identifiable   information   (“PII”).




The  Information  We Collect.


In order to use the ONEder Platform, you will  need access to a subscription,  which  may be made  available with the assistance of your local school, local school district, teacher, or other responsible education authority which has ordered a subscription to the Service for your use (the “Educator"). You will also need to expressly  agree,  be bound  by, and comply  with  the Company’s  Terms  of Use and the  Privacy   Policy.


You will  also  need to create a profile.   In order to create a profile,  the  Company  collects  PII from  students using the ONEder Platform  only  when an Educator  has contracted  with  the Company  to collect  PII for the use and benefit of the learning environment, and the student (if over 18 year of age) or his or her parent  or guardian (if the student is under 18) has consented to the collection and use of such information. Otherwise, the Company  will   not  collect  such PII.


As part of the profile, the ONEder Platform  requires  that  all  users  create a username  and password, which is used to validate sign-in requests, and provide certain PII such as name, email, or other information if necessary, depending on the needs of your Educator. Because passwords are hashed,  the  actual  plain-text password is  completely  unknown  to the  Company  and remains   with  the  user.


The Company does not and will not sell, share, rent or trade your PII with any third parties other than as expressly disclosed in this Privacy Policy  and  consented  to by you.  The  Company  collects  and analyzes  data on how the Site is used in the aggregate  (how  groups  of people  use the  ONEder Platform)  for  the  purpose of improving  and enhancing  its  service. The Company does not analyze  information  on how  particular  individuals use  the Platform  as part of general  reporting  procedures  or in the  usual  course  of business.


PII, including but not limited to individual IP addresses, may  be analyzed  on a case-specific  basis  to resolve a technical difficulty or to assist in resolving or investigating  any misuse of the  service;  also,  such individual usage information may  be furnished  to your  Educator  if the  Educator  requests  such  information  to assist in the  investigation  of fraudulent, abusive,  or criminal  activity  or any  other use  of the  ONEder Platform that violates your school's rules or policies  or as required  by your  Educator  as part of their  information management  efforts.  For example,  if  your  Educator  or school  uses  a certain  third-party  company  to manage their classroom scheduling and attendance system, necessary information may be shared  with  that  company  to assist  in  those  administrative tasks.


These information collection, management, and disclosure practices  apply to parents,  teachers, administrators, and students. If you are a parent or guardian, you agree  that  this  is acceptable  for  you as well  as any of your children that use the  ONEder Platform. If you are an Educator,  you agree that  this  is  acceptable  for you as well  as any of your  students  that  use the  ONEder Platform.


We also  may  collect  certain  non-personally  identifiable information  (i.e.  generic   information  that  does not identify you personally) when  you visit  any of our web pages such  as the  type of browser you are using,  the  type of operating system you are using, and the  domain  name  of your  Internet  service  provider.  We may do so using certain  third-party  services  to help  us  understand  certain  activities  which  happen on the  ONEder Platform, so that we can improve  the  quality  of our service.  An example  of such activities  would  be services  that  allow  us  to analyze our usage data. These services would be required to access non-personal information, solely  for the purpose  of improving  service.  No information  at any point  would  be transferred  or  sold.


The Company reserves the right to disclose your or your child's PII as required by law and when the Company believes  such disclosure  is  necessary  to protect our rights and/or to comply  with  a judicial proceeding,  court  order, or legal  process.



Access to Educational  Records and By Children


With respect to any access by the Company to any "education records" (as such term is defined in the  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. §1232, et seq. ("FERPA")) held by you or an Educator  under or in connection with the use of the ONEder Platform, the Company shall be acting  as your  legal  agent ("school official"). As between you and the Company, any information protected by FERPA submitted to the Company by you in connection with your use of the Site shall be deemed your Confidential Information. The Company agrees to comply with FERPA and agrees not to share or disclose  any  FERPA protected  information with  any  third  party except as permitted  by FERPA or as authorized   or permitted  by  you.


You and the  Company  each represent  and  warrant  to the  other  that  we will   comply  with  Children's Online Privacy  Protection  Act (“COPPA”)  and the  Children's   Internet  Protection  Act (“CIPA”),  to the  extent such laws are applicable to the respective  party's  actions.  You shall  be responsible for  establishing  or requesting that the Company establish student  accounts  for  access to the  ONEder Platform  and shall  ensure  that  it  has obtained any necessary and appropriate consent from students to establish such accounts; the Company will not establish any student accounts except  as directed  by you and the  Educator.  The parties  agree  that  the Company may  rely on you to obtain  the  necessary  and appropriate  consent  from  students  for  such students'  use of or access to the  ONEder Platform.


You can view  or change  your  PII at any time.  Send an email  to



Special Note.

If you are  a student: 

-   Be careful  who you share  your  information  with  while   using   ONEder. 

-   You will only access ONEder using the login credentials  given  to you by your  teacher  or Educator.  You  may not use any login credentials which  you receive  from  other  students  or which  you did not  receive  directly  from  your  teacher  or Educator.


If you are  accessing the ONEder Platform  on behalf of a School or  District:


-   You represent and warrant that you are solely responsible for complying with COPPA, where  applicable, which requires parental consent for online collection of personal information from children under 13. You understand  and acknowledge   that  the Company  does not do so and has no obligation  to do   so.


-   You will only grant licenses  to teachers  and staff  members  who  are current  employees  of your  school or district. Upon termination of a teacher or other staff member’s employment with you for any reason, you will require  such  individual  to cease using  all  licenses  he or she has in  his  or her possession.  If at any time  you   learn  a user  of the  Site  claims  to be affiliated   with  your  school or district  who  is not  in  fact  affiliated   with your  school  or district,   you will   notify  the  Company immediately.


If you are  accessing ONEder as a Teacher:


-   You represent and warrant that you have permission from  your  school or district  to enter  into  the  Terms  of Use and Privacy  Policy,  and to use  the ONEder Platform  as part of your   curriculum.


-   You represent and warrant that you are solely responsible for  complying  with  COPPA, where  applicable  to you, which requires  verifiable  parental  consent  for  online  collection  of personal  information  from  children under 13.


-   Where applicable, you must obtain Consent from all  parents whose  children  under  13 will  be accessing  the  Site  and provide  a copy to the Company  upon our  request.  For more  information  on COPPA, please



-   When  obtaining  Consent,  you must  provide  parents  with  a copy of our Privacy  Policy.


If you are  accessing ONEder as a parent  or guardian:


-   You understand that your acceptance of the Terms of Use and this Privacy  Policy  is on behalf  of both yourself and as well as on behalf of those children who use the ONEder Platform and for whom  you are a parent or legal guardian.  Children  under  18 must  not  use the Site  until  a parent  or legal  guardian  has accepted the  Terms  of Use and Privacy  Policy  on their   behalf.


How We  Use and Disclose the Information.


We will   use the  personal  information  you provide  online   for the  purpose(s)  you have submitted.

This  may  include:


•   Responding To Your Inquiries and Fulfilling Your Requests. We may use your personally identifiable   information  to respond  to your  inquiries   to the Company  and to fulfill   your requests.


•   Sending Administrative Emails. From time to time, we may use your information to send you emails (a) to  confirm your registration with the  ONEder Platform,  (b) to confirm  a transaction  through  the  Site,  (c) to provide  you with  information  regarding  the  ONEder Platform, or (d) to inform you of changes to this our Terms of Use or this Privacy  Policy,  or our other  terms, conditions, or policies ("Administrative Emails"). Because this information may  be critical  to your  continued   use of the  ONEder Platform,   you may not  opt out  of receiving  Administrative  Emails.


If you want  us to stop using   the personal  information  you provided,  please  contact  us  at



How We Share  Your  Personal Information.


We will not share the personal information you provide  except with  your  consent  (a) if  it  is for  the purpose(s) you provided it;  and/or  (b) notifying  you when  we make changes  to one of our subscriber  agreements  or  this policy. We may  share  your  personal information  without  your  consent  as may  be required  by law  or as we think necessary to protect our company or others from injury (e.g. in response  to a court  order or subpoena,  in response to a law enforcement agency  request  or when we believe  that  someone  is  causing  (or about  to cause) injury   to or interference   with  the rights   or property  of another).


All  third  parties  with  which  we share personal  information  provided  online  will   only  be for  purposes which  we were authorized   by the  educational  institution/agency,  teacher  or the  parent/student,   and only  if  the third  party company  has agreed  to implement  these  same  commitments  for the  given  student  personal  information. If you want us to stop sharing your personal information with these companies, please contact us at


If you consent to receiving  communications from  non-affiliated  companies,  you may  need to  communicate  with  them  directly  if you later  decide  that  you no longer  wish  to receive  their  communications   or if  you wish  to change  any data you provided  online. In this  instance,  any  changes  or amendments  to your  personal information must be given directly to each company who communicates with you as these changes, amendments   and/or  deletions   will   not be exchanged   between us and non-affiliated companies.


In addition to the above, you acknowledge that  ONEder uses a third  party credit  card processor for  financial  transactions.   By  completing  an online   transaction  you  or we will  be sharing   your  information with that processor. The processor is permitted only to use this information  for the sole  purpose of completing the financial transaction and is  not permitted  to share  your  personal/financial  information with  anyone,  including  ONEder.



Use and Disclosure of Anonymous   Information.


We sometimes use the non-personally identifiable information that we collect to improve the design  and content of our Site.  We also  may  use this  information  in the aggregate to analyze how our Site is used. We will   not use  this  information  to create targeted advertising,   nor will   authorize   our third  party affiliated   or non-affiliated   companies  to do so.



Collection of Information  by  Others.


Our Site may contain links to other sites  whose  practices  may  be different  than  ours. You should  check the other sites' privacy notices since  we have  no control  over  information  that is  submitted  to or collected  by them.


We may offer information or services that are sponsored  by or co-sponsored with  non-affiliated companies. Based on our agreements  with  them,  these  third  parties  may  obtain  personally  identifiable information that site  visitors  voluntarily  submit  and express  agree  to have  so shared.  We have  no control over the  use of this  information  by these  companies.



Tracking Technologies.


Technologies   such  as cookies,  beacons, tags  and scripts  are used by the  Company  on the  ONEder Platform as well as by the Company’s tracking utility partners who provide online customer support and video management. These  technologies   are used  to make  it  easier  for  you to navigate   the  ONEder Platform,   to store your  password  so you don’t  have  to enter  it  more  than  once, to analyze   trends,  administer   the  ONEder Site, track users’  movements  throughout  the  ONEder Site  and to gather  demographic   information  about our  user base as a whole.  We may receive  reports based on the  use of these  technologies   by these companies   on an individual  as well  as aggregated  basis.


We will  not and  will not authorize our third party partners to, use PII, cookies or other non-PII to target  advertising  to you based  upon your use of the  ONEder  Site.


We use cookies as a convenience feature to save you time, to understand how our Site  is  used, and to  improve  the  content  and offerings  on our Site.  For example,  we may  use cookies to personalize  your  experience at our web pages or recall  your  specific  information  on subsequent  visits (e.g. to recognize   you by name  when you return  to our site).  You can opt to  have your  browser reject  cookies.  If you do that,  you may  need to re-register  with  us every  time  you visit  our Site.  This  policy  does not cover  how third-party  companies  use  their  cookies.


ONEder and our Service Providers may also use "pixel tags," "web beacons," "clear GIFs" or similar means  (collectively,   "Pixel  Tags")  in  connection  with  some  ONEder Platform  pages and  HTML-formatted

email messages to, among other things, compile  aggregate  statistics  about  platform  usage  and response  rates. A Pixel Tag is an electronic image,  often  a single  pixel  (1x1),  that  is ordinarily  not visible  to platform  visitors and may be associated with cookies on visitors’ hard drives. Pixel Tags  allow  us  and our Service  Providers  to count users  who have  visited  certain  pages of the  ONEder Platform,  to deliver  customized  services,  and to help  determine the effectiveness of promotional or advertising campaigns. When used in  HTML-formatted  email messages,  Pixel  Tags  can tell  the  sender whether  and when  the email  has been opened.



Clickstream Data.


As you use the  Internet,  a trail  of electronic  information  is  left  at each web  site  you visit.   This information, which is sometimes referred to as "clickstream  data," can be collected  and stored by a web site's  server. Clickstream data can tell us the  type of computer  and browsing  software  you use and the  address of the  web site from which you linked to the  ONEder Platform.  We may use  clickstream  data as a form  of non- personally  identifiable   information  to anonymously  determine   how much  time  visitors   spend on each page of  the ONEder Platform, how visitors navigate throughout  the  Site  and how we may tailor  our  web pages  to better meet the needs of visitors. This information will only be used to improve the  Site.  Any collection  or use of clickstream  data will   be anonymous   and aggregated.




Our Commitment  to Security.


The Company and your Educator work together to protect the online privacy of all of your school community  members  that  use the  ONEder Platform,   including  students,  parents,  teachers,  and administrators.

The  Company  information  collection,   security,   and privacy  policies  have  been authorized   by your school or teacher, and the Company strives to manage your school's internet services  in  a secure manner.  For example, ONEder uses industry-standard  technology  called  SSL (Secure  Socket Layer).  SSL encrypts  information  transmitted  across the internet   to and from  the  ONEder Platform.   You will  know that  SSL is working when you see the presence of an image of a closed lock or solid key in the bottom bar of your browser window.


The application is hosted on the Microsoft Cloud Platform (Azure), which  has  many  built-in  security measures  and complies  with  various  industry  standards.  For more  information  on the  Azure  platform,   please  visit us/support/trust-center/.) However, unfortunately  no data transmissio n  over the  Internet  can be guaranteed  to be 100% secure  and “hacker-proof,”  and the Company  cannot  ensure  or warrant the security of any information managed by the Company,  whether  transmitted  to the Company  by you,  your school,  or your  teacher, or compiled  by the  Company with  your  approval on   ONEder.


The Company shall not be liable if a security breach occurs, if the ONEder site malfunctions, or if information  is misused  or mismanaged  in  any  way to your  detriment  or the detriment  of a third  party,  whether by the  Company,  your school,  your teacher,  or an unauthorized  third   party.


We believe   we  have  in  place  the  appropriate  physical,   electronic,   and  managerial   procedures  to safeguard  and help  prevent  unauthorized  access, maintain  data security  and correctly  use the  information  we  collect  online   as well  as offline.   Unfortunately,   no  data transmission  over the  Internet  or data storage  solution can ever be completely  secure.  As a result,  although  we take steps to protect your  information, we cannot  ensure  or warrant  the  security  of any information  you transmit  to or receive  from  us or that  we store on our  or our  Service  Providers'  systems.  When your  personal information  is  passed onto non-affiliated  companies,   to the  extent  practical,  we request  that  they  also have  in  place  the appropriate  safeguards.   We cannot,  however, guarantee  that  they  do so.


Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your user name, passwords and/or any account information. You are not  permitted  to disclose  your  username  and password to any other person. If you have reason to believe that your  interaction  with  the  Site  is no longer  secure  (for example, if you feel that the security of your  username  or password has been compromised), you must immediately  notify  us of the problem  by contacting   us.



Privacy Settings.


Account administrators  have  the  ability  to view  all  information  in  a student  profile  and adjust  student profile settings, including adding or removing professionals who can push content to and track data for students. Additionally,   Educators,  including  school and district  administrators,   can refine  lesson  sharing   settings.

Administrators  are determined   by the school  or district. 

The  Company  posts user  testimonials on the  ONEder Platform  which  may  contain  PII. We will  obtain the user’s consent via email prior to posting the testimonial. To request removal of your PII from a testimonial,  contact  us at



International  Users.


If you are visiting the ONEder Platform from outside of the United  States, your  connection  will  be  through and to servers located in the  United  States and all  information  you provide  will  be processed and  securely maintained in our web servers and internal systems located  within  the  United  States. By using the  ONEder Platform, you authorize the export of personal information to the USA and its  storage  and use as  specified above when  you provide  such information  to us. This  policy  and our legal  obligations  are subject  to  the laws  of the  State of New York and the  USA, regardless  of the  location  of any user. Any  claims or complaints  must  be filed   exclusively  in the  USA in the  State of New  York.



How You Can Access or Correct  Your  Personal Information.


For instructions on how you can access the personally identifiable information that we have  collected about you or your child online, or how to correct any errors in such information, please send an e-mail to  We will  respond  to your  request  as soon as possible,  and certainly  within  30  days.


To protect your privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to help verify your identity before granting  access or making   corrections.


Please note that if you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you services contact us at We will retain and use your information as necessary to  comply  with  our  legal  obligations,   resolve  disputes,  and enforce  our agreements.



Special Note for Parents.


If you have concerns about this Site or its services, wish to find out if your child is a member or has registered for one of our services, or wish to cancel your child's membership, please contact us at Our Site will not knowingly accept PII from anyone under 13 years old in violation of applicable laws, without consent of a parent or guardian. If you believe that your  child  under 13 has  gained access to our site  without   your  permission,   you may  contact us at

Transfer of Business Assets.


The personal information you provide is considered a company asset and may be included among transferred assets if the Company or all of its  parents  or affiliates  or any of their  assets is  ever acquired  by a third  party.



Links  to Other Sites.


If you click on a link to a third-party site, you will leave and be redirected to the site you selected. Because the Company does not and cannot control the activities of third parties, we cannot accept responsibility for any use of your PII by such third parties, and we cannot guarantee that  they  will  adhere  to the same  privacy  practices  as the  Company.  We encourage  you to review  the privacy  statements   of any other

service provider from whom you request services.  If you visit  a third-party  website  is  linked  to the site,  you should  read that  site's  privacy  statement  before  providing  any personally  identifiable   information.



Changes  to This Policy.


Because our business  needs may  change  over  time,  we reserve  the  right, at our  discretion,  to change, modify, add, or remove portions from this Privacy Policy  at any time.  If at any  time  in  the future  we plan  to use  your  PII in  a way that  differs  from  this  Policy,  we will  revise  this  Policy  as appropriate.  Your  continued  use of the ONEder Platform following the posting of any changes to this Policy  means  you accept such  changes.  This  policy  is  effective   as of June  27, 2016.



Your  Right to Opt Out.


If you are the User or you are the are the parent or guardian of a student using the ONEder Platform, and  cease to agree  with  the  Company’s  Terms  of Use or Privacy  Policy  at any  time  in  the  future,  you may  opt-out and have your PII deleted on behalf of yourself or the relevant student by contacting your Subscriber (typically your Educator) and/or the Company  administrator  at



How to Contact  Us.


If you have  any questions  or concerns  about this  privacy  policy  you may  e-mail