Finally ONE Solution for Special Education

Data Management and Monitoring

Manage and monitor student data to facilitate data driven decisions

Data Driven Decision Making

Get significant real-time data towards student IEP goals and progress towards specific state standards.

Practice Formative and Summative Assessment

Adjust strategies according to results and identify where to increase or decrease focus.

Manual and Automatic Data Tracking

All data is collected automatically or manually—depending on the goal type—and instantly graphed, reducing educator workloads in the collection and analyzing of data.

Manage All Scores and Data in One Place

Upload outside activities and reports to ONEder to keep all scores within one system for easy management and reporting.

Reporting and Compliance

Customized reports to view student, school and district progress

Data Analyzation Made Simple

Access customizable reports and activity logs to monitor progress and share data points at IEP meetings.

Continuous IEP Documentation

Track data in real time, monitoring progress towards IEP goals continuously throughout the school year making IEP meetings more accurate.

District Wide Reporting

ONEder’s data dashboards enable stakeholders to drill down and view progress at the teacher and student levels in order to provide checkpoints on plans and service implementation.

Include Parents in Student Progress

Easily share progress reports between members of the IEP team, including parents.

Personalized Instructional System

Personalize every lesson to meet your students unique learning needs

Personalized Lessons

With ONEder, there’s no limit to the differentiation and customization of lessons. Using a variety of tools and techniques, users can create and deliver meaningful content that provides the learner with a personalized learning experience.

Automatic Accommodations

Watch as accommodations are automatically applied to each and every Math and ELA lesson! Prompting tools remind teachers when to utilize accommodations and suggest best strategies.

Year Round Assessment Practice

Using ONEder’s academic apps, you can now build skills and prepare your student for state and district assessments. With various apps that can be built and tailored to support your students’ needs, they can can practice all year round!

Research Based Activities

Upload photos and videos from native student environments and choose from our research-based tools including video modeling, social stories and automatically tracked academic applications.

Academic and Functional Curriculum

Tailor your curriculum based on your student’s needs

Academic Lessons

Create lessons that are standards aligned and differentiated for your student’s unique learning goals and accommodation needs.

Content Library

Create and collaborate with colleagues on customized lessons using one of over 600,000 resources from OpenEd, including homework assignments, videos, games, lesson plans, and assessments. 

Functional Lessons

Create functional lessons for students in the communication, vocational, transitional, transportation, or behavior management domains.

Activity Types

Lesson include a variety of supports such as photographs, videos, scenes with embedded hot spots, visual schedules, mixed displays, choice boards, and stories to help increase self-determination and independence.

Collaboration and Co Teaching

Seamlessly collaborate on each lesson right within ONEder

Support Your Class Structure

Supports a co-teaching environment, enabling teachers to collaborate and create lessons for both inclusion and self-contained classes.

IEP Collaboration

Enables optional collaboration between districts, agencies and advocates/parents, while allowing all members to contribute towards a student’s IEP.

Lesson Plan Collaboration

With lesson plan collaboration tools, teachers can streamline the lesson creation and customization processes by collaborating with co-teachers while tailoring lessons and activities to meet student needs.

Assistive Technology

Unique technology that helps students gain independence outside of the classroom

assistive technology on the oneder special education platform

Support Pre/Post Teaching

Personalized activities grow and change with an individual to support any setting, from pre-teaching skills to post-employment independence.

Location Base Lessons

With Google Maps-powered GPS , lessons appear automatically based on the location the student is in to promote independence.

Communication Support

ONEder supports individuals who need traditional AAC grid displays.


Your students’ private data is always safe

Identity Management

All ONEder users are assigned a specific user credential and role enabling them to see only what is relevant and permitted.

System Security

ONEder’s development team who specializes in building secure software, host ONEder on Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure cloud platforms available.

Data Protection

All passwords used within the system are hashed, all communication is SSL encrypted and all API’s are secure to prevent malicious parties from accessing private information.


Our open platform supports systems you already use

Eliminating Your District’s Silos

With ONEder, there’s no need to replace existing systems—everything works together in one seamless platform.

Specialized Integrations

ONEder was built to support custom integrations with any platform you currently use including IEP, SIS and curriculum systems.

Reduce Overhead

Reduce the need for management overhead and simplify staff development and training.

A Full Feedback Approach

ONEder enables educators to efficiently create or adapt lessons that are aligned to academic standards, yet suited to their individual student's unique learning needs.

Real-time data collection provides actionable insight for quick adjustments, leading to instruction that is personalized and progress that is measurable.

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