ONEder Curriculum Features

Translation and Accommodations

At ONEder, we believe in self-determination; students can, and should, make their own choices. That's why when students take courses in ONEder Academy, they can build their own self-advocacy skills by selecting their own accommodations!

Our platform allows:

  • Translation of the text and assessment content to over 60 languages
  • Text and Audio translation available
  • Read aloud: text-to-speech
  • Text highlight and enlarged text

Truly Blended

Online Instruction:

  • Engaging lessons with hundreds of videos
  • Present on a SMART Board, a projector or screen share for remote learning
  • Assign to students to complete independently
  • Formative and Summative Assessments

Teacher Guide:

  • Structured Lesson Plans
  • Differentiation Strategies
  • Professional Development Tips

Student Workbook:

  • A variety of workbook activities with every lesson
  • Print to use as paper-based materials or deliver via Google Docs
  • Role playing, group activities, independent work, and more


Each of our courses includes variety of summative and formative assessments to track progress towards mastery and check for understanding along the way

  • Pre and Post course assessments
  • Frequent formative assessments within lessons
  • A variety of activity types to support UDL strategies
  • Multiple choice, matching, sorting, short answer, paragraphs, and more

Data Reporting

Our unique platform allows to:

  • View students' data in real-time
  • View student responses to individual questions
  • Track students' progress and provide feedback
  • Assign students to retake assessments
  • Download student progress reports
  • Set checkpoints to review student content before they can move on

Implementation and Training

Our training and implementation practices ensure quick and smooth on-boarding.

  • Virtual training sessions, Q&A session, and refresher sessions
  • One hour of virtual training is all that's needed for teachers to implement with fidelity
  • We provide as many training sessions as needed to accommodate teacher schedules
  • Our team can coordinate with your educators to schedule trainings and take care of the logistics
  • We are available for any question and respond rapidly via a chat, phone or email
  • Our admin portal is user friendly and allows the districts and the schools to manage their teacher and students accounts
  • Setting up student accounts is easy! We support an upload of multiple students accounts with minimal effort and requirements

Remote Learning

Our platform is perfectly designed for remote learning:

  • Lessons can be delivered via screen sharing, completed independently or both
  • Real-time data reporting to track student progress
  • Set checkpoints to review student work and provide feedback before they move on
  • Additional student workbook activities can be delivered via Google Docs

Quick and easy to implement:

  • Admin dashboard makes creating teacher and student accounts quick and easy
  • We can set up your licenses and accounts on your behalf within hours
  • One hour of virtual training is all teachers need
  • We schedule trainings directly with teachers to fit their schedules - as many as needed
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