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Prepare Students for Lifelong Success With Skills That Go Beyond Academics

Our Transition, Social-Emotional Learning, and Financial Literacy curricula provide educators with everything they need to teach these skills without piecing together materials themselves. Our blended curricula are engaging, comprehensive and loved by teachers and students alike.

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ONEder Academy's Curricula



Grades 7-12, 18+ Programs

ONEder Academy’s 8 Transition Courses focus on the “soft skills” employers say are fundamental to success in the workplace.

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Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning

Grades 6-12

ONEder Academy's 5 Social-Emotional Learning courses help students understand the full range of emotions, as well as differentiate and manage comfortable and uncomfortable feelings.

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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Grades 9-12

Based on the FDIC's Money Smart financial education program, our course can help high school students enhance their financial literacy skills and create financial independence and stability.

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The Real Deal About Vaping and Tobacco

The Real Deal About Vaping and Tobacco

Grades 7-12

This course educates young adults about the physical effects of all forms of tobacco use; including vaping, smoking, and chewing.

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Remote Learning

Our curricula are perfectly designed for remote learning:

  • Lessons can be delivered via screen sharing, completed independently or both
  • Real-time data reporting to track student progress
  • Set checkpoints to review student work and provide feedback before they move on
  • Additional student workbook activities can be delivered via Google Docs

Quickly and easily implement remote learning today:

  • Admin dashboard makes creating teacher and student accounts quick and easy
  • We can set up your licenses and accounts on your behalf within hours
  • One hour of virtual training is all teachers need
  • We schedule trainings directly with teachers to fit their schedules - as many as needed

ONEder Academy's Features

ONEder Academy gives teachers what they want; comprehensive and engaging curricula that fit their preferred teaching model and support the individual needs of their learners.

  • Online Content with 100's of Engaging Videos
  • Lesson Plans and Workbook Activities (print or deliver via Google Docs)
  • Summative and Formative Assessments
  • Data Reporting
  • Translation & Accommodations
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