Closing The Special Education Gap

We created Oneder to empower special education students, teachers and administrators with effective technology to promote inclusion, personalized learning, and data-driven instruction.

Eliminating the need for Multiple Technologies

There are many solutions available that address only part of an educator's needs. This can lead to confusion in the classroom, making studying and teaching more difficult, and tracking progress accurately even more challenging. 

Oneder’s cross platform, system wide solution connects the many moving parts in special education from IEP’s, lesson creation, curriculum integration, data collection and reporting to address all the needs of those involved into one seamless and easy to use platform.

Report Generation

Data Collection

Personalized Lessons

Shared Library

Resolving Frustrations with Data Collection

Oneder’s automatic data collection lets educators track progress at both the individual level and the lesson level. Student progress towards IEP goals, state standards and lesson-specific objectives are measured accurately and efficiently, providing transparency and insight into student and classroom performance.

Overcoming the Personalization Challenge

Oneder is an intuitive platform for educators to easily create adaptable lessons and activities that are tailored to their students’ individualized accommodations and unique learning needs. Educators can customize lessons with supports, including visual schedules, visual stories, grid displays, visual scene displays and more. Oneder makes the process of differentiating instruction seamless so that educators can focus their efforts on time in the classroom and students can all have access to learning.

Solving the Hardware Concern

Every day new hardware platforms become available to students and educators, at home, in school and the community. This makes consistent teaching, learning, and data reporting incredibly challenging, as most software can only work on certain hardware.

Oneder is a cross-platform solution that works seamlessly on any device and enables content to transfer instantly across multiple devices.

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