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“At the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, teachers and speech therapists are learning to ONEder. This powerful platform is being utilized to enhance learning for students who struggle with traditional instructional tools. ONEder enables educators across the county to seamlessly combine images, videos, messages, schedules, and more into personalized, meaningful activities that enhance expression and foster independence...

Michelle Lubetsky, M.Ed, BCBA, Allegheny Intermediate Unit

“By Providing access to curriculum in a way our students can comprehend and retain, educators are able to bridge the gap of learning, increase student engagement, and produce an overwhelmingly positive impact on their classroom and district success”

Melanie Johnston, Executive Director, Brite Success

“ONEder has changed the way therapists, teachers, and families approach the task of teaching language development, social expectations and functional communication for our diverse student population.”

Beth Campanelli, CCC-SLP, Porthier Elementary School

Personalized Instruction

Personalized lessons that align to academic standards and IEP goals, for optimized instruction that addresses each student’s learning needs.

Personalized Instruction

Oneder empowers educators to easily create personalized lessons aligned with academic standards that are optimized for each students’ individual learning needs.

Data-Driven Instruction

Real-time data collection enables decision making that is data-driven, adjustments that are personalized, and progress that is measurable.

Data-Driven Instruction

Real-time data collection enables decision making that is data-driven, adjustments that are personalized, and progress that is measurable.

So many independent tools

There are many tools available that address only part of an educator's needs. This can lead to confusion in the classroom, making studying and teaching more difficult, and tracking progress accurately even more challenging.

Are Tests Failing Our Students?

Alice Parker, Ed. D., renowned special education and public policy expert, explains how testing has failed special ed instructors and their students, and shares alternative methods you can use to monitor progress.


We believe special education has to be collaborative, with the teachers, parents, administrators and students working together to constantly improve through a continuous feedback loop.

Educate. Measure. Adjust. Educate.

Oneder allows teachers to easily personalize their lessons and activities to each specific student’s needs.

Educate. Measure. Adjust. Educate.

Real-time data tracking helps educators measure progress towards individual assignments and long-term goals.

Educate. Measure. Adjust. Educate.

Teachers can understand exactly how a student is progressing, and what changes should be made to ensure their success.

Educate. Measure. Adjust. Educate.

With constant adjustments, and further feedback from students, educators can keep deliver relevant personalized lessons at all times, and to all students. This  feedback loop is the very core of the Oneder system.

Shareable Success

Student progress reports can easily be generated and shared among parents, administrators and educators, further driving collaboration and team involvement.

Finally One Solution for Special Education

ONEder’s cross platform, system wide solution connects the many moving parts in special education from IEP’s, lesson creation, curriculum integration, data collection and reporting to address all the needs of those involved into one seamless and easy to use platform.

Assistive Technology

ONEder’s independence-promoting platform allows you to create all the necessary instruction and vocational supports that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
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Personalized Instructional System

Personalize every lesson. Our automatic accommodation engine helps meet your learner’s unique needs.
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Reporting and Compliance

Beautiful and easy to read reports for key decision-making are available for all stakeholders and parents.
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Data Management and Monitoring

Manage data collection and monitor progress from the individual to the district level in one seamless platform.
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Academic and Functional Skills Curriculum

Staff can share lessons to a district or school library to streamline curriculum development and foster collaboration.
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ONEder easily integrates with any existing platform, eliminating the need for new hardware.
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Collaboration and Co-Teaching

Special education and general education teachers can seamlessly collaborate and distribute content on one platform.
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Here at ONEder, we know that security of your data is of the utmost importance, thats why ONEder's technology was built on one of the most secure cloud platforms available.
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"His communications skills have improved, his interactions, are less frustrating. Using this technology, he's learning, and he's much much calmer."


ONEder is now an approved vendor of the ASC

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The Allied States Cooperative Is a national purchasing coop that competitively bids and awards contracts to vendors in compliance with states' joint powers authority.
This accreditation allows ONEder to deliver our comprehensive instruction platform, without the hassles that delay delivery and frustrate administrators.


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